nick yeahyeahyeah5 days at James Iha's studio (Stratosphere) having the best time imaginable with one of my favorite bands on earth... the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. There was such a buzz in the air!

We set it up so Karen could sing her vocals live from a room up above the control room... so she could look down through a large window and see Brian and Nick going wild in the main recording area below.

Things got really crazy!... I don't think she had ever had that view of Brian thumping his drums. He looked like some giant maniac insect. The control room was shaking from Miss O jumping up and down, giggling, and crazy noises. Glad to say it was all captured on tape.

Needless to say, it turned out GREAT! Can't wait for people to hear this one!

The EP is called "Is Is" and comes out July 24. The tracks are called:

  • Rocker to Swallow
  • Down Boy
  • Kiss Kiss
  • Isis
  • 10 x 10

Hope you like it!!!

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